Sea of Galilee Tour

The tour of the Galilee region is an amazing adventure with beautiful scenery you will enjoy as we drive through northern Israel which is rich in history and religious significance.


The area of the Sea of Galilee is considered the home of Christianity where Jesus began His earthly ministry, walked on the water, recruited his disciples, performed miracles and taught thousands!


We will visit Tiberius on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is one of the holy cities in Jewish tradition and the site of the tombs of renowned Jewish sages Maimonides and Ben Zakkai. The city was established by King Herod’s son around the 18th century AD and named it in honor of the Roman Emperor, Tiberius. Later in the region’s history, many of the battles of the Crusader area were fought near the city. We will visit the tombs and enjoy a stroll on the Yigal Allon Promenade along the waterfront. 


The ancient city of Capernaum is our next destination, one of the largest cities along the Sea of Galilee situated on the trade route Via Maris which connected Mediterranean coastal cities with Damascus.  Ruins from biblical times include St. Peter’s house and the synagogue which probably was built between the 3rd and 5th centuries AD.  


Magdala (Midgal in Hebrew) is believed be the home of Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared following His resurrection (John 20:14-18). The ruins were discovered and excavated in 2009. On the site, we will see the walls of a synagogue which dates to the time of Jesus. The Magdala Stone is another important discovery on the site and bears the image of a seven-branched candelabra (Menorah) from the Second Temple era, making this carving one of the oldest ever discovered. 


The Mount of Beatitudes is a hill in northern Israel, on the Korazim Plateau. It is a Christian holy site, considered to be the location where Jesus delivered his famed Sermon on the Mount, also known as The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12). To commemorate the sacred event, the Church of the Beatitudes was built in 1938. The unique eight-sided architecture represents the eight Beatitudes. 



After this, we will drive through the Jordan Valley along the national border between Israel and the country of Jordan to our destination of the famous sacred Jordan River. This is the traditional site believed to be the location where John the Baptist performed baptisms including Jesus Himself.  Pilgrims are allowed to immerse in the river if desired (lavatories available).

*Entrance fees are not included

* Entrance fee to Capernaum is 1.5$

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