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Welcome to one day tour in Jerusalem, the Holy City of three major religions, political and spiritual center of the Jewish people and holy for Christians.

During one day we will see the seven branched candelabra - Menorah at the Knesset (Parliament) entrance, the Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem), The Western Wall, Holy Sepulchre Church, Gethsemane, Last Supper Room, King David's tomb and walk through the quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem proclaimed the UNESCO world's heritage. We will aslo see the breathtaking scenic view of Jerusalem from top of the Mount of Olives.

It is a walking tour for the most of its part, we will mainly walk in the Old City and drive to the Knesset and the Holocaust Museum, Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives.

There will be an opportunity to have lunch and buy souvenirs in the Old City. 

It is completely safe to walk through the streets of the Old City. There is a huge security presence in the city.

Welcome to Jerusalem!

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