Modern Jerusalem Museums

On this tour, we will be visiting a few of the many outstanding museums in Jerusalem which has the largest number per capita.


Our first destination is the Friends of Zion Museum in downtown Jerusalem. Through ground-breaking interactive 3D technology, you will hear the stories of heroic Jewish people from biblical era through contemporary leaders who have changed the world through their faith and have been champions of the Jewish people and the newly founded State of Israel.


Then we will visit Israel’s Museum, where highlights include the large Model of Jerusalem from the Second Temple period which replicates the City at the time of Jesus. The 1:50 scale model is based on the writings of historian Josephus and includes a replica of the Herodian Temple. It was designed and built by the renowned Israeli historian Michael Avi-Yona (may his soul rest in peace). 


the Shrine of the Book complex is also at this location and was built as the repository for the first seven Dead Sea scrolls discovered in the Judean Desert at Qumran the late 1940s. Viewing the remnants of 2000 year old biblical scrolls is a profound experience. The Shrine also houses the ancient writings, as well as other rare Biblical manuscripts. Other exhibits highlight remarkable archaeological finds which further explain Jewish history. The Museum will be interesting for both Jews and Christians.


After finishing the tour in the Shrine of the Book we will proceed to the Archaeological exhibition of Israel Museim that has a fascinating collection of artefacts discovered during the excavations in the Land  of Israel.


After lunch at a buffet restaurant or at the cafeteria at our next place - the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, we will continue our tour.


Our last visit will be to the most visited place in Israel, National Holocaust Memorial established in 1953. The memorial commemorates over 6 million Jews in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as other groups of people exterminated by the Nazi regime during World War II.   The current museum opened in 2005, designed by Jewish-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie.


While walking through the 9 different galleries, the time period with its tragic events will unfold before you through displays of artifacts, films, art, personal correspondence and much more. Your heart will be touched as you stand in the Hall of Names and walk through the Children’s Memorial. The famed Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations is a beautifully serene area for remembrance of Non-Jewish people who risked their lives to save the Jews from Hitler and the Nazis. 

*Entrance fees are not included;

*Museum of Israel enrance fee- 54 NIS.

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