Dead Sea, Ein Gedi & Masada tour

Masada is the third most visited site in the Land of Israel and was also proclaimed UNESCO Heritage. So normally we begin our tour with Masada visit. In spring, winter and fall we can climb the cliff on the ancient Snake path, it takes approximately 30 min.

Otherwise there is a cable car that can take us up the cliff in a few minutes and it is fun too.

Then we'll walk around and see the ruins of ancient structures, which usually takes from one to two hours, depending on the weather and your health conditions. It also has to be interesting to you but if after half an hour you are bored - let's move further!

Then we can go hiking  in the oases in the desert - Ein Gedi. There is a cascade of waterfalls there and a unique wild life and vegetation. Also Ein Gedi numerously mentioned in the Bible, so our trip can be educating as well. The part of a tour takes around 30-40 min.

And at last we will experience floating in so famous Dead Sea which will energize our bodies for the next discoveries in this wonderful country. Welcome!