Botanical Garden, Biblical Zoo & Wohl Rose Garden in Jerusalem Tour

Botanical Garden in Jerusalem


We will begin our day with a visit to The Jerusalem Botanical Garden, the largest in the Middle East. Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the garden is divided into different sections by continents.


You will see over 6,000 gorgeous species and varieties of plants from around the world over an area of nearly 30 acres. Of special interest is the Biblical Garden with plants mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

The Biblical Zoo


Next we will visit the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo which also has many animals mentioned in the Bible as well as other exhibits such as endangered species and Animals from A to Z.


The natural surroundings of the displays have lush vegetation with informational signs providing the names of plants, trees and shrubs in Hebrew and English.


Another unique feature of the Zoo are signs which provide the name of the animals as well as the Bible quotation. And in the center of the garden, on top of the hill stands the Visitor Center built in the exact image of Noah's Ark, of course!


Wohl Rose Garden


At the end of the day, we will drive to the the beautiful Wohl Rose Garden which spans over 19 acres, established in 1981.


This breathtaking collection includes over 450 varieties from around the world with a total of more than 15,000 bushes on display. Many of the roses have been presented to the State of Israel as gifts. 


Nearby, we will stop at the entrance of the Knesset, the Parliament of the State of Israel which was first convened on February 14, 1949. A magnificent statue of a seven branched candelabra (Menorah) stands by the gates, a gift of the British Government in 1956.

 *Entrance fees are not included;

*55 shekels entrance fee to the Biblical Zoo;

*30 shekels entrance fee to the Botanical garden.

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