Welcome to Israel!


My name is Mark Gershom. I am a graduate of the Hebrew University Tour guide program (2009) and have been a certified guide with the Ministry of Tourism since 2011, with extensive experience organizing and guiding groups and individuals on their dream trip to Israel (fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew).


Through the Derek Prince International Ministry, I completed a Biblical course in 1994 and have a deep understanding of the history of the Land of Israel as well as Christian and Jewish traditions.


I am also a certified gardener and a licensed tour guide with the Botanical Gardens Association (visit my site ) and will  teach you about the beautiful trees and plants in the Holy Land, many of which have ancient and biblical significance. Because I am an Israeli, you will enjoy the benefits of a truly local guide with extensive experience to assist you in planning the trip of your lifetime to The Land which flows with milk and honey. 


Please browse my tours and contact me to book soon!

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