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Subaru XV Premium, maximum 4 passengers
Subaru XV Premium, maximum 4 passengers

My customized tour option makes it possible for you to plan the trip of your dreams to the Holy Land with your friends or family members. With ultimate flexibility, you can choose your destinations and make the most of your time in Israel. Instead of the usual coach trip with a large group, you will enjoy my personal attention as your tour guide.

I am a licensed commercial driver so you may opt to be driven in my Subaru Premium XV SUV which accommodates 3-4 adults.


I also provide commercial vehicle up to 20 seats and the driver for small groups.

Walking tours also available.


Feel free to browse my extensive list of historical and biblical sites (see details below). If there is a site you would like to see that is not listed as an option, please contact me with your request. Prices will vary depending upon current air fares, length of stay in Israel and choice of attractions. My goal is to provide the most competitive price available. You'll be amazed at how affordable your custom tour can be!


YOU could PAY more, but WHY NOT EXPERIENCE more? By designing your own trip, you will enjoy discovering Israel your way surrounded by your loved ones. Start planning and contact me to arrange the trip of a lifetime in the Land which flows with milk and honey.


Welcome to Israel!


From 280 $ for one day walking tour.

From  by 400 $ for one day by SUV commercial car.

From $ 700  for one day by commercial van

Subaru XV Premium, maximum 4 passengers
Subaru XV Premium, maximum 4 passengers

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