tel aviv

Tel Aviv! The hills of spring when translated from Hebrew. And it sounds great, because the reason for this name was to give hope to the returning  from the exile Jewish people. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and thus is one of the youngest country's capitals n the world. It was founded by a group of Jewish families from the nearest Jaffa as an alternative, fully Jewish town. This modern metropolis only a hundred years ago was not more than vast sand dunes.

In 1909, a group of Jewish immigrants established a society whose aim was to purchase a land north of Jaffa and build a new city there. It was called Ahuzat Bait (homestead) but later renamed Tel Aviv.


In 1922 Tel Aviv already had 22000 residents and was officially recognized as a town. Meir Dizengoff after whom one of the main streets is named today became a first city's mayor.

In 20-s and 30-s many Jewish intellectuals arrived in Tel Aviv from Europe and this helped to promote Tel Aviv as a cultural centre of then Palestine.

In the 30-s there began a huge wave of Jewish repatriation from Europe. People were fleeing persecutions of the Nazi regime. The city's population drastically increased up to 130000 with Tel Aviv becoming the largest city in Palestine. The German Jewish architects brought a new architectural feature to Tel Aviv which would eventually change the face of the city till this present time.This architectural style was known as  International or Bauhaus and was characterized by decorative minimalism, pragmatism and white colors. City's collection of more than 4000 Bauhause buildings made it World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

And the main thing - on 14th of May, 1948 the Jewish political leaders of Palestine gathered at mayor's Dizengoff house where the Independence Declaration was proclaimed by the first Israel;s Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. Thus Tel Aviv became the first capital of Israel until the government had moved to Jerusalem making Jerusalem a capital of the state of Israel in 1950. Later Tel Aviv was united with Jaffa in one city.

Tel Aviv today does not remind the small settlement which it was a hundred years ago. Now it is a blossoming, prospering and constantly changing it's face economical and cultural hub of Israel. The 'start up nation' has more than 1500 start up companies only in Tel Aviv!  Very famous Waze and Mobiley companies started from Tel Aviv. 

Today Tel Aviv became a very attractive tourist destination. Beautiful beaches and nice restaurants with different cousins, theaters and museums (keeping in mind that Israel has the largest number of museums per capita!) 

Travel Guide Lonely Planet ranked Tel Aviv among world's 10 top action and vibrant cities in the world and third most attractive destinations! and included Tel Aviv's beaches on their list of '10 great urban beaches'. And how about more than 2.5 million tourists visiting Tel Aviv annually? How about being the 3-d mostly visited city in the Middle East! This is something and that is why you must come and visit it!

Welcome to Israel!