the Mount of Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount

The  record of the famous and puzzling sermon that some call the Constitution of Jesus, some call a New Law of Jesus appears in two Gospels, Luke 6 and Matthew 5. It is important to notice Matthew tells that Jesus begins the sermon with the words " I came to fulfill the Law of Moses and not to break it." And the consequent teaching is better as the interpretation or rather an instruction of how to fulfill God's commandments given through Moses.  Some see in repetition of Jesus' words "blessed are those" are more exactly "happy are those" - His formula of happiness. 8 times He pronounces these words according to Matthew.

There is a slight topographical discrepancy in description of the location of the sermon in the sources. Matthew claims Jesus went up the hill and His disciples came up to Him, while Luke says Jesus stood on the flat place and multitudes of people came to Him.

The discrepancy can be settled when one sees the traditional place on the Mt. of Beatitudes. On top of this hill there is a wide plateu. 

Prof. Bargil Pixner says:

"Matthew refers to Capernaum, Korazin and Bethsaida as the cities "in which most of His miracles had been performed." (Mt.11:20)

In addtion there was the local mountain (Mt. 28:26, Mk. 6:46)

to be continued...