25% of Israel's population (about 2,300,000) are Arabs and other non-Jewish groups. Of these, 82% are Sunni Muslims. Jerusalem is the third most important shrine of Islam.

The essense of Islam

The essence of the teachings of Islam is stated in the Quran.

Quran, as translated from Arabic, means reading. This reading was originally a heartfelt, inner perception of the Divine revelation sent to the founder of this religion - the Prophet Muhammad. He subsequently dictated these revelations to his loved ones.


The Quran, from the point of view of Islam, is a book sent down from above.


Surah 25, 191-196 describes it as follows:


"This book truly comes from the Lord of the worlds, the Faithful Spirit brought it from heaven. He put it on your heart to be a messenger. It is written in Arabic and its syllable is pure. The sacred and ancient books mention it."


What, then, from the point of view of the founder of Islam, is its essence?

 Let us he teaching of the Qur'an answer this question:


"Tell those who will argue with you: I have given my heart to God, and also those who follow me." (Surah 3, 18)


 Or another passage explains:


"Abraham said to his father Azar: Shall I repay the statues the worship that befits one God? You and your people in deep darkness, We showed Abraham the glory of heaven and earth, to make his faith unshakable. When night overshadowed him, he saw a star and exclaimed: behold my God! But the star disappeared, and he said: I do not like that which disappears. Seeing the rising moon, he said: here is my God, but when the moon went down, he added: if the Lord had not enlightened me, I would have been in error When the sun appeared in the east, he exclaimed: this is my God - he is more than others! But when the sun went down, he continued: my people! I am not involved in the worship of your deities, I lift my forehead to the Creator of heaven and earth; honor Him alone ; I am not with those who rank the gods as God "

(ibid. 74-79)




 In other words, Islam is a faith in one invisible God, the faith that was professed by the father of faith and the national ancestor of the Arab people, Abraham (Ibrahim).


"We led you to accept the faith of Abraham, who was godly and did not belong to idolaters."

 (Surah 16, 124)


Islam is also the same old religion the righteous people of the desert, the Hanifs, professed and which has been known to the Arab people since ancient times. In this sense, Islam is affirmed as a true religion, known to mankind, who later became seduced into idolatry.


"They equated the genies with God, and those are only His creatures. They ascribe children to Him in their ignorance. Praise God, such blasphemy is far from Him."

(ibid., 100)


"If there were many gods in the universe, its destruction would be close."

(Surah 21, 11)


God reveals himself to Muhammad as the Almighty, Creator of the Universe, righteous judge and giver of moral laws.


In Sura 6 Allah (the Arabic name for the Most High God in the singular, similar to the Hebrew Eloah) is called the God of truth.

 But He also reveals to Muhammad from another side:


"Call on God or call on the Merciful: these two names are equally beautiful." (Sura 17)


 Usually Surah of the Qur'an and the sermon begins with words


"In the name of God, the merciful, the kind..." (Bismilla Il-Rahman, Il-Rahim, Arab.)