This site would have not been possible without the assistance and participation in my life of a dear friend and brother in faith, M-r William French. My first encounter with M-r French occurred in 2001, in Jerusalem. I had just invited him for a cup of coffee and this meeting changed the course of my life. M-r French introduced me to the works of renown Christian mystic and martyr for faith, R.Wurmbrand. And not only that, the whole complex of profound spiritual ideas and thoughts were discussed and cleared up during our time together. I am very grateful to dear M-r French for his spiritual and financial support  for all years of our friendship. May he live long , like we say in Israel: till 120!

I would also like to thank my dear friend and colleague M-r Shmuel (Steven) Babbit, a writer, author of series of books and of a very interesting web-site  for his support.

I'd like to appreciate support and care of father Ghevond, prior of the Angels Monastery in Jerusalem,

D-r Alexander Kantor and his family, residents of Jerusalem and my friends.

And, of course, I'm very grateful to my dearest wife Katy and our children suffering the consequences of this work, when I was less available for them.